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Welcome, Rose+Gaia!

Last year the wind changed direction at my studio. I wanted to get more work out into the world, and began thinking about making prints for walls or fabric, or placing my images on clothing. My painting image library was stocked with mostly iPhone images (read: not enough pixels for quality printing) so I turned to the world's museums to see if there were other images I could use. I was absolutely stunned to uncover a wealth of beautiful paintings and prints in the public domain.

Long story short, I tuned up my Photoshop skills, found a fantastic printer/manufacturing partner, researched copyright law, and set out for the new world of Etsy and social media (and ugh, SEO). Rose+Gaia was born in April 2018. The shop opened in August, selling women's leggings and tops (and a few phone cases) designed with gorgeous art. Take a look!


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