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The Hottest Day of the Year

(This is an update to a post originally written in March, when it was NOT the hottest day of the year.)

I couldn't help myself, this 95-degree day. I had to really and truly finish this painting I worked on during the dreary winter of 2020/2021, a painting about ice and snow and skeletal trees.

For months this one had been leaning, nicely framed, against the wall in the guest room. I knew in my heart it wasn't finished but I needed to move on to some art-on-leggings business (see our new website!). The painting had changed significantly since my March 16 post "Renewal and Posterity" but wasn't complete. I dragged it back to the studio last week and was inspired to finish it today, all the while dreaming of that how cool it would feel to break through the ice...

I used a photo for reference, obviously. There is much artist's joy in mixing up what the photo shows with intuition and memory, and I went for it.

Last of Winter, oil on canvas, 24" x 24"


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