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Renewal and Posterity

Winter is hanging on here in the Northeast, but something else is rumbling beneath the surface. Of course spring melt is on the way, and hopefully with it, a release from this dark pandemic time. One other elusive shift: a new headspace.

I've spent much of this Covid year in the studio where I've opened the door to "intuitive" painting. For me, this means working with familiar reference material (photos, sketches, old paintings) while growing my confidence in alternative color palettes and especially, in freer paint application. During this time subject matter has whittled itself down to only what gives me a certain ineffable satisfaction/gratitude. I'm surprised but realize that I've started making work solely for me and for my family. Also, big canvases!

I'm making a painting this morning over an old one on stretched linen. I sanded it down and cleaned up the surface, and wish I'd saved a photo of the sanded-down painting to share with you, just for fun. Anyway, here is the very first stab. Goals here are to keep the freshness of the first new strokes and to build on the color (and other) gifts of pentimento. And to record that walk at the Essex River for myself and my beloveds.


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